Strengthen the core

Bondalti holds a core of key activities that have positively performed, generating value to stakeholders. Continued improvement, with focus on increasing efficiency at every level, and investment in key partnerships are at the core of Bondalti's strategic guidelines.

Leverage skills to grow further

Bondalti will continue to focus on business innovation. In the sectors where Bondalti currently operates there are growing opportunities where critical capacities already shown by Bondalti will be applied. It will also exploit upstream and downstream areas to such sectors.

Promote sustainability at Bondalti and its partners

Create value to its people, clients and suppliers as well as to the community, putting sustainable management at the heart of strategy. Follow macro trends, particularly where they apply to the sectors where Bondalti operates.


As part of its corporate strategy follow-up, Bondalti regularly reassesses its material and relevant topics, based on an internal reflecting process - buttressed on an in-depth analysis of macro trends and benchmarks – and on the results of the two-year survey to key stakeholders.



  • Programmed overhaul of the industrial equipment and plants in Estarreja. This was a coordinated stoppage performed jointly with the companies of the Estarreja Chemical Complex in the first month and a half of the year.
  • Bondalti signed the “Commitment to Inclusion”, a cooperation protocol with Nova School of Business and Economics.
  • Innovnano ceased productive activity on May 27th, 2019. In 2020, the key priority will be given to take best advantage of the industrial property portfolio.
  • On August 1st, Bondalti assigned the concession of its salt mine in Loulé, thus ending salt extraction in this mine. 
  • In November, Bondalti started operations at its new industrial plant of Torrelavega, Cantabria.
  • Bondalti made the assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility practices through ecoVadis, scoring 72 points out of 100, thus renovating its Gold recognition. 
  • Bondalti’s procurement management won the 10th Edition of the European Institute of Procurement Management International Award, in the ‘Transformation with Sustained Results’ category.
  • Bondalti completed the refinancing of its entire debt with a bank syndicate made up of 8 banks with different credit lines subscribed totalled € 210 million.



Bondalti contribute to some of the targets and indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals laid down by the UN.



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€M 172,7 in Cost of Goods Sold 
€M 58,1 in External Supplies and Services
€M 19,6 in Personnel Expenses
Survey to 191 stakeholders concerning economic responsibility


€M 279,1 in Sales
€M 38,4 in EBITDA
€M 10,1 in Net Income
€M 122,2 in Net Debt 
91% of stakeholders consider that Bondalti provides a clear view of its economic responsibility and acts accordingly

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24 ideas submitted by employees 
€M 3,0 in RDI costs and investments
20% of employees allocated to RDI activities
7 PhD or post-doctoral scholarships
35 RDI partnerships


€M 1,33 cumulative return on implemented ideas 
57 RDI initiatives and/or projects 
6 scientific papers/presentations 
Current Portfolio of 12 Patents protected in several geographies 

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364 kt of raw materials used
1 756 k m3 water consumed
2 278 kGJ energy consumed
Survey to 191 stakeholders concerning environmental responsibility


1 417 kt of products
755 k m3 of effluents
17 651 t of waste
130 kt CO2 eq. emitted
88% of stakeholders consider that Bondalti provides a clear view of its environmental responsibilities and acts accordingly 

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306 employees in Portugal and 49 in Spain 
€k 451 in employee benefits 
36 447 training hours 
22 internal safety-related audits 


3% of absenteeism and 5% of non-worked hours
0 deaths
3 occupational non serious accidents with sick leave and 2 “in itinere” accidents

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Listening to 183 Clients by means of Satisfaction Survey
175 audits to Clients and 8 to Suppliers 
Survey to 191 stakeholders concerning social responsibility


4,22 out of 5 in Client Satisfaction Survey
51 client claims
99,74% of shipments deemed compliant
72 out 100 in ecoVadis sustainability survey
€k 348 invested in the Community
91% of stakeholders consider that Bondalti provides a clear view of its social responsibilities and acts accordingly 

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There are several groups of stakeholders that contribute to Bondalti’s sustainability, not only its employees, but also shareholders, customers, suppliers, the community and other partners.