Strengthen the core

Bondalti holds a core of activities that have positively performed, generating value to stakeholders. Continuous improvement, focused on increasing efficiency at all levels and in every business area, on a par with investment of key partnerships with clients and suppliers, industry peers, academic organizations and the society in general are at the core of Bondalti’s strategic guidelines.

To grow within and beyond the core

Bondalti will continue to focus on business innovation. In the sectors where Bondalti currently operates there are growing opportunities, where critical capacities already shown by Bondalti will be applied. The company will further exploit adjacent and disruptive areas using the knowledge accumulated over the years, viewing to contribute to a better world.

Promoting Sustainability within and beyond Bondalti

To create value to Bondalti’s people, clients and suppliers as well as to the community, putting sustainable management and improvement of productive processes at the heart of Bondalti’s strategy. Follow macro trends, particularly where they apply to the sectors where Bondalti operates.


As part of its corporate strategy follow-up, Bondalti regularly reassesses its sustainability material and relevant topics, based on an internal reflecting process - based on an in-depth analysis of macro trends and benchmarks – and on the results of the two-year survey to key stakeholders.



  • Bondalti supported the country, and the communities in which it operates, through the difficult times caused by the Covid-19 pandemic through hypochlorite (bleach) and monetary donations, to municipalities and other non-profit entities.
  • Reconciling its employees’ professional, personal and family life is a relevant issue for Bondalti, having been certified as “Family Responsible Company (EFR)”, an initiative of Fundación MásFamília, in partnership with ACEGE in Portugal.
  • Based on its strategy for the future, Bondalti is developing several projects to integrate the production of green hydrogen andammonia, the production of photovoltaic energy and consumption of renewable energy in its chemical production unit of Estarreja.
  • Bondalti took a step further towards growth by entering into the market of water treatment solutions, through the acquisition of a majority stake in the company Enkrott - Gestão de Tratamento de Águas, S.A.
  • Bondalti’s Supply Chain was awarded a prize by the European Institute of Purchasing Management (EIPM) within the scope of the Peter Kraljic Awards 2020, in the “Master of Business Continuity” category.
  • Bondalti was awarded a Platinum Medal by EcoVadis for its good sustainable practices, achieving its best ranking so far of 78 out of 100.



Bondalti contribute to some of the targets and indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals laid down by the UN.



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€M 129.4 in Cost of Goods Sold 
€M 60.1 in Supplies and Services
€M 22.3 in Personnel Expenses


€M 243.0 in Turnover
€M 40.1 in EBITDA
€M 14.5 in Net Profit
€M 107.2 in Net Debt

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14 ideas submitted by Employees 
€M 3.3 in RDI costs and investment
19% of Employees allocated to RDI activities


€M 1.35 cumulative return on implemented ideas 
52 RDI initiatives and/or projects
24 RDI partnerships
Current Portfolio of 9 Patents protected in several geographies

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447 kt of raw materials used
1 984 k mwater consumed
2 409 kGJ energy consumed


1 542 kt of Bondalti products
937 k m3 of effluents
18 834 t of waste
106 kt CO2 eq. emitted

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399 Employees in Portugal, 49 in Spain, 85 in Angola
€k 505 in Employee benefits 
14 363 training hours 


2 Occupational non serious accidents with sick leave
3.61 Occupational accident with sick leave rate
0.25 Accident severity rate

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234 Suppliers consulted in a Satisfaction Survey
381 k€ invested in the Community
Several hypochlorite donations to combat the health emergency


78 out 100 in EcoVadis sustainability survey
102 Client claims
100% of Suppliers are aware of Bondalti's responsible practices

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There are several groups of stakeholders that contribute to Bondalti’s sustainability, not only its employees, but also shareholders, customers, suppliers, the community and other partners.