• Development of skills
  • Reconciliation between personal and professional life
  • Protection of employees
  • Safe working environment

Bondalti views its people to be the Organization’s most important stakeholders and their development and well-being are a priority. Accordingly, the Organisation implements varied measures and initiatives viewing their development and training, well-being and balance between their professional and personal life and to ensure their safety and health at work. In line with its corporate values, Bondalti believes that its sustainability is intrinsically linked to the level of involvement, commitment, performance and satisfaction of its people.


2019 was also a decisive year for completing the corporate goal of certifying Bondalti as a Family Responsible Company (EFR) (which happened in January 2020) sponsored by Fundación MásFamília. This certification aims at encouraging corporations to foster a new working culture.

Bondalti employees at 31 December 2019