• Development of skills
  • Reconciliation between personal and professional life
  • Protection of Employees
  • Safe working environment

People are the most relevant stakeholder in Bondalti’s Organisation. As they constitute its most valuable asset and therefore, it’s Bondalti’s prime concern to ensure their safety, health and well-being. In line with its corporate values, Bondalti believes that its sustainability is intrinsically linked to the level of involvement, commitment, performance and satisfaction of its people.


Human Resources Strategic Axes:

  • Cohesion and Well-being: strengthen the identity and culture of Bondalti, maintaining full respect for people, recognising their contribution to the goals achieved and involving them in the road ahead;
  • Rejuvenation: promote the rejuvenation of Bondalti's human capital, ensuring a successful building of knowledge and the sharing of intergenerational experience;
  • Corporate Management: Ensure the global management of employees, implementing models and policies combining the transversality deriving from Bondalti’s strategy and values with the specificity of the business geographies;
  • Continuous Development: enhance leadership and teams, developing critical skills to achieve the goals set forth for the business.


2020 started with a positive note provided by Bondalti certification as Family Responsible Company, a certification promoted by Fundación MásFamília, which aims at encouraging organisations to get involved in the creation of a new working culture capable of reconciling professional, personal and family life. The follow up of EFR indicators is essential to assess the fulfilment of goals set forth for 2021, namely:


  • Enhance the implementation of teleworking
  • Promote the flexibility of working hours
  • Strengthen leadership and management directives in the sphere of reconciliation
  • Implement a Career Plan
  • Increase support to specific needs of employees’ households
  • Adjust EFR measures to the needs of employees
  • Implement the employee Portal
  • Pay tribute to employees with over 5-years seniority and permanent contract with the company
  • Widen the offer of the School Kit up to 13-year old children (inclusive)


2020 was inevitably marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. From the early start of the pandemic in March 2020, Bondalti adopted a set of measures with two major goals; protect people’s health and ensure ongoing operation.

Bondalti employees at 31 December 2020