• Development of innovation capacity
  • Operational efficiency
  • Development of scientific knowledge
  • Higher visibility and recognition

Bondalti considers innovation to be one of the most important factors to ensure its sustainability and increase competitiveness in the markets where it operates. As such, Bondalti continuously invests on Research, Development and Innovation, creating value with projects and actions aimed to improve the efficiency of its industrial processes.


Bondalti is committed to its partner relationships with various Schools, Universities and Technology Centers, which are very relevant for the training of the many scholarship holders and trainees it receives and for intensifying the climate of innovation, not only from the point of view of business development, as well as to the scientific community in which it operates.

“Colombo” is a program implemented in the Organization since 2006, in which employees actively participate, and that supports and transforms the ideas submitted by everyone into applications that contribute to better performance of Bondalti at various levels. The Colombo program has already seen 457 ideas submitted, of which 147 were approved and 109 were implemented, generating estimated gains of €M 1,3, alongside improvements at safety, environmental, well-being and productivity levels.