• Development of innovation capacity
  • Production operational efficiency
  • Development of scientific knowledge
  • Higher visibility and recognition

Bondalti considers innovation to be one of the most important factors to ensure its sustainability and increase competitiveness in the markets where it operates. Accordingly, Bondalti continuously invests on Research, Development and Innovation (RDI), creating value with projects and actions aimed to improve the efficiency of its industrial processes.


2020 marks the launching of the strategic Digital Transition Programme, the aim of which is to explore all opportunities arising in this area to improve Bondalti's competitiveness. Bondalti is fully aware that the power of digital tools lies in how well they fit in its strategy and how they can help the business to grow. Technology is thus seen as a means to an end and will be implemented based on the business strategy.

The “Colombo” programme implemented since 2006 views to encourage the generation of ideas and create value. A total of 468 ideas have already been presented under the Colombo programme, of which 155 were approved and 112 were implemented, generating estimated gains of €M 1.35, alongside improvements at safety, environmental, well-being and productivity levels.