• Confidence in products and services
  • Increase in client satisfaction
  • Increase in safety and efficiency
  • Increase in recognition
  • Development of local community

Client satisfaction

In order to ensure a competitive market position, Bondalti must ensure the satisfaction of its clients by responding to their needs and expectations. The good relationship established between Bondalti and its clients is a critical factor for ensuring their loyalty and a close partnership relation, particularly those with which it works on an integrated basis.


Every other year, Bondalti Chemicals conducts a survey to determine the level of client satisfaction with the products and services it provides and find any opportunities for improvement. In 2019, the satisfaction survey was sent to 183 clients, of which 154 answered, accounting for an overall reply rate of 84%. The answers obtained correspond to 95% of its sales turnover, whilst the global score obtained stood at 4,22, out of 5.

Community involvement

  • Bondalti sponsored the Outstanding Exporters project, an initiative promoted by the Competitiveness Forum to bolster national exports 
  • Bondalti sponsored again this year ‘Carnaval de Estarreja’, as ‘Gold Patrons’ and ‘Education Patrons’ 
  • Through PACOPAR, Bondalti sponsored the ‘Solidarity Walk’, to help Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Estarreja 
  • Pursuant to "Be Solidary" program of José de Mello Group, Casa de Sto. António, CERCIESTA and Cáritas Paroquial da Cova da Piedade, received financial aid in the amount of € 4 000
  • Bondalti Capital employees participated in a voluntary action of “Restolho” project promoted by ENTRAJUDA in partnership with Banco Alimentar. 750 kg of oranges were picked and given to ARPIQ (Queluz Retired, Pensioners and Elderly Association)
  • Employees of Bondalti participated in the Volunteer Day of José de Mello Group, where over 100 volunteers collected 3,5 tons of potatoes for the “Restolho” project 
  • “Environment Day” was celebrated with a cleaning initiative of an arm of Ria de Aveiro
  • Bondalti promoted the drawing contest “Sustainability and Industry", which drew more than 110 children from local schools and associations, in painting their drawings on the entrance wall of the Estarreja Chemical Complex, with prizes awarded to the three best drawings
  • Bondalti and Fundação Amélia de Mello awarded the prize for Best Chemical Student of Instituto Superior Técnico in 2018/2019 and a donation to improve teaching and learning conditions
  • Bondalti and Fundação Amélia de Mello, in collaboration with Instituto Superior Técnico, launched a call for the allocation of 3 scholarships 
  • Bondalti organised the international “Mononitrobenzene and Dinitrobenzene Safety Conference” in Espinho