• Confidence in products and services
  • Increase in Client satisfaction
  • Increase in safety and efficiency
  • Increase in recognition
  • Development of Local Community

Clients and Suppliers

In order to secure a competitive market position, Bondalti must ensure the satisfaction of its clients, by responding to their needs and expectations. The good relationship established between Bondalti and its clients is a critical factor for upholding their loyalty and a close partnership relation, particularly those with which it works on an integrated basis.


2020 was marked by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to a drop in sales, particularly in the second and third quarters. Despite the pandemic and all constraints arising therefrom, Bondalti managed to ensure continuous supply to all clients, thus preventing any disruption in their supply chains, mainly in crucial sectors such as water treatment, disinfection, the pharmaceutical industry, the automotive car and mobility industry, electric power production, paper production, civil construction, energy efficiency, household appliances industry, etc.


Every other year Bondalti Chemicals conducts a survey to determine the level of client satisfaction with the products and services it provides, and find any opportunities for improvement at attendance, service, product, supply, technical assistance and sustainability levels. Additionally, this survey assesses the most relevant assessment criteria from the client point of view, and the positioning of Bondalti vis-à-vis other suppliers. In the last survey made Bondalti scored 4.22 out of 5 in overall terms. The next survey will be carried out at the beginning of 2021, assessing Bondalti’s practices during 2020.

Bondalti’s Supply Chain area focused on the mitigation of the impacts from the pandemic, whilst ensuring the continuity and competitiveness of the raw materials supply chain, both in terms of handling and the management of supply sources, based on a dovetailed approach with different business partners. As a result, Bondalti was again awarded by the EIPM - Peter Kraljic Awards, this time with the international prize Master of Business Continuity, in recognition of the company’s capacity to take steps and adopt the best practices in such challenging times as the ones faced in 2020, having kept its entire supply chain flowing throughout.


In 2020 Bondalti carried out its Suppliers Survey relating to 2019, which views to assess their level of satisfaction with Bondalti’s work towards continuous improvement. The response rate reached nearly 40% and the overall score obtained was 4 points (Good) in a scale of 0 to 5. Suppliers who answered the survey account for €M 29 of Bondalti’s invoicing. This questionnaire was also relevant to identify sustainability practices followed by Bondalti suppliers, for instance: 61% of respondents have national or international certified management systems implemented, some have more than one; 83% are familiar with Bondalti’s Code of Ethics; and 92 % of the respondents confirm that they act according to Bondalti’s responsible care principles. Moreover, the survey showed that 74% of respondent suppliers have their own sustainability strategy established and 35% publish sustainability indicators.

The Community

The Community, which includes all entities acting within it, are relevant stakeholders of Bondalti, given the mutual relationship of influence, dependence and responsibility established. Bondalti has always banked on trusted relations with stakeholders, which have borne fruit over the years, as shown by the many projects and initiatives achieved.

Ciência com Impacto

Ciência com Impacto is a national project, which has the full participation of Bondalti. The project’s mission is to bring out the knowledge produced by national researchers in different areas of knowledge to the greater public, giving outstanding relevance to subjects such as clean water, marine economy, biodiversity and engineering.


Presently, the project has six science partners of reference from various national Institutes and Universities and Diário de Notícias, TVI24, Diário do Alentejo and Rádio Voz da Ria, which disclose the contents produced, on a weekly basis.


Bondalti is responsible for producing and broadcasting with a 50’ podcast with main national researchers, having already interviewed outstanding Portuguese scientists, namely Elvira Fortunato, Alexandre Quintanilha, Catarina Casanova or Ricardo Calado. By actively disclosing the scientific knowledge produced in Portugal, Bondalti is contributing to one of the 17 UN SDG - 4 Quality Education, whilst also assuming a relevant role in partnerships with the most important Portuguese universities.



Partnerships with Universities

Bondalti has fostered a close relationship with the scientific community for several years, in particular with national universities and technological centres. Accordingly, Bondalti has protocols with several Portuguese universities, whereby it welcomes license, master and PhD students for curricula training. Additionally, Bondalti has protocols with Instituto Superior Técnico and the Faculdade de Engenharia of the University of Porto to provide scholarships to needed students and merit awards. 


These awards strengthen Bondalti's conviction of the crucial role played by Universities as drivers of development and competitiveness, as well as Bondalti’s commitment to excellence. The award of these cash prizes is made in partnership with Fundação Amélia de Mello.




Bondalti further plays an irreplaceable role in PACOPAR. This Community Advisory Panel of the Responsible Care Program of Estarreja plays a relevant role in the community, developing initiatives and actions, providing support and also acting as link between the chemical companies and the community. PACOPAR’s mission is to improve the quality of life in Estarreja, abiding by Responsible Care® commitments, responding to people’s concerns, promoting greater transparency and community cooperation.


A good and efficient communication between the chemical companies and the local community is of the utmost importance for everyone to feel respected and safe. PACOPAR ensures these tasks, promoting mutual assistance between the chemical companies and entities in the areas of Education, Science, Health, Civil Protection, Safety, Environment for the benefit of the local people.


Within the framework of the Panel, Bondalti continues to sponsor and organise initiatives with local stakeholders, such as schools, cultural and sports associations, etc., fostering active and open communication with the community, with a view to promote sustainable development.